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S/HE Virginia Teachers Online Program Administration

This page offers administrative support resources for Secure/ Higher Ed’s Parents Peers Professionals (P3) and Brother 2 Brother (B2B) programs.

When we look to the circumstances of the students we currently teach, we are reminded of the circumstances of another generation of students. That generation spent their young lives in the throes of a prolonged economic downturn, saw laws banning an often-abused substance rolled back, learned from their elders about a devastating foreign war, experienced dramatic changes in communications technology, and witnessed severely divisive and sometimes violent clashes between members of our society. 


That generation went on to become what journalist Tom Brokaw called “The Greatest Generation”. They saved the world from murderous and fanatical regimes, rebuilt countries ravaged by war, turned bitter enemies into allies, proved on a massive scale that women were equal to any task put before them, created the greatest economic engine the world has ever seen, put men on the moon, and created a framework for a more just and less discriminatory society. 


We are hopeful and optimistic that this current generation of students will meet whatever challenges await them, but of course the future is uncertain. What is certain is this: this generation of students will never reach its potential without you. So, we thank you for your hard work, your sacrifice, and the care you provide your students. It is our great honor to contribute to your efforts with our curriculum.  Enjoy!

These are your “notes” to help you teach the program.

These are your “notes” to help you teach the program.


Please administer this test to students prior to participating in the programs.


Please administer this test to students after they participate in the programs. 

Follow up test

Please administer this test to students 6 months after they participate in the programs. 
Continuing education

Resources for continuing education on student safety. 

Additional Resources

Life Education: Board of Education Guidelines and Standards of Learning for Virginia Public Schools


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