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What Can Parents Do?

What can you as a parent do about sexual assault? 
A lot, it turns out. Even if your child is not close to college or high school age, you can start age-appropriate education today that will reduce his or her odds of being sexually assaulted.

SAFE Course
P3 Training

The training features the three most important influences on a child – Parents, Peers, and Professionals – joined to help teach daughters to recognize potentially dangerous situations, avoid those situations, and escape or fight back – Punch! Punt! Prevent! – when avoidance isn’t possible. The program takes all these concepts to the power of 3!

S/HE SAFE™ Course

The Sexual Assault Facilitated Education (SAFE™) program is a 7-hour facilitated education program designed to help young women beginning at around age 16 (depending on maturity) to recognize and avoid situations that may lead to sexual assault, escape those situations where avoidance fails, and fight their way out if escape is not possible.

B2B Training

Brother 2 Brother (“B2B”) training is an evidence-based, interactive, and fun seminar created to help prevent dating violence, domestic abuse, sexual harassment, and sexual violence. B2B training is designed to appeal to a wide variety of young men.  

Want to Learn & Do More?


Suggested Reading

Guyland by Michael Kimmel (eye-opening guide to understanding young men ages 14-26 and the challenges they face in today’s world)

Missoula by Jon Krakauer (excellent description of how the system fails to protect rape victims, particularly in college); 


Protecting Your Children from Sexual Predators, by Leigh Baker (important look into the techniques of those who prey on young children and suggestions for parents to maintain safety).

General Child Safety

Ever want to sit down with your doctor and find out about the biggest threats to your children, from birth until they leave the house?  We did it for you!  Child trauma surgeon Anthony Riccio and emergency room doctor Wilfredo Rivera have seen it all.  They discuss the biggest dangers to your child, and you’ll be surprised at what they tell you!

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