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S/HE SAFE™ Course

Sexual Assault Facilitated Education


The cornerstone of Secure/ Higher Ed (S/HE) LLC is the Sexual Assault Facilitated Education (SAFE™) program.  The S/HE SAFE™ course is a 7-hour facilitated education program designed to help young women beginning at around age 16 (depending on maturity) to recognize and avoid situations that may lead to sexual assault, escape those situations where avoidance fails, and fight their way out if escape is not possible.

S/HE SAFE™ addresses the increasingly prevalent problem of college sexual assault.  Recent national surveys indicate that one in four women are sexually assaulted in college.  This statistic is unacceptable!  How can we continue to trust our children to institutions where their safety is in peril?  College is an investment in a child’s future.  Shouldn’t we do everything possible to help ensure a child’s safety to realize that future?  Of course!

Also pertinent to the success of S/HE is the SAFE™ Facilitator Training program.  After completing required training, S/HE facilitators host SAFE™ workshops for groups of 5-15 young women.  The program covers two half days and arms young women with information and physical defense techniques that can mean the difference between becoming a victim or walking away from a situation unscathed.  


S/HE facilitators are carefully screened to ensure only the most enthusiastic and gifted trainers are educating students.

Enroll in S/HE SAFE™


Why is enrolling in a S/HE SAFE™ class so important?  A recent study indicated that just over one quarter of the females in the incoming class at a large private university in upstate New York had suffered an attempted or completed rape between the age of 14 and the day they entered college.  This survey demonstrates that a college-based sexual assault prevention program takes place far too late to help a significant number of young women.  To be effective, college sexual assault prevention education must take place well before young women enter college.

In the S/HE SAFE™ course, young women will learn: (1) how to recognize situations that are high risk for sexual assault; (2) strategies to avoid those situations; (3) strategies to peacefully escape those situations; (4) methods of working with friends to protect each other; (5) methods of saying no to verbally and physically coercive behavior; and (6) techniques to overcome physically coercive behavior when saying no is not enough.


The 7-hour S/HE SAFE™ program covers two consecutive half days.  The cost of the program is $495, which includes all class materials, instruction, and daily snacks.  Class attendees are encouraged to attend with friends or members of associated groups, as familiarity will support more open communication among participants.  To read more about S/HE SAFE™, please follow the link below.

Become a SAFE™ Facilitator


Upon receiving training from S/HE staff, facilitators host SAFE™ workshops for 5-15 young women starting at about age 16, depending on maturity.  The program takes place over two half days, totaling approximately 7 hours.

What are the requirements to become a S/HE SAFE™ facilitator?
Our ideal facilitator will be a natural teacher, a good listener, enthusiastic about working with young adults, willing to talk about the tough stuff, and passionate about the program’s goal of empowering participants and reducing sexual assault.


What training does a S/HE SAFE™ facilitator receive?
The training is comprehensive of all subject matter included in the SAFE™ program: sexual assault, self-defense, alcohol use, healthy relationships, bystander intervention, and more. The majority of training can be delivered online, but there will be one in-person session. At the in-person session, you will meet S/HE staff and learn how to teach the basics of self-defense from certified instructors.  Regularly scheduled telephone conferences allow facilitators to ask questions, learn about the latest research and communicate their own experiences.  Required refresher training will take place at least once a year to keep you at the top of your game!

S/HE SAFE™ facilitators are independent contractors and are not required to dedicate full-time efforts to the program.  Facilitators can be business owners, teachers, students, personal trainers, stay-at-home parents, retirees, or anyone else who wants to empower young women while supplementing their income by facilitating the S/HE SAFE™ program in their geographical areas.


What is the compensation for S/HE SAFE™ facilitators?
S/HE SAFE™ facilitators are compensated with a percentage of the proceeds from each S/HE SAFE™ program they facilitate.  For the first 15 participants, the S/HE SAFE™ facilitator will receive 30% of the program’s tuition payments.  For each participant thereafter, the S/HE SAFE™ facilitator will receive 50% of the program’s tuition payments.

What is the application process?

Those interested in becoming S/HE SAFE™ facilitators should indicate their interest by signing up below.

S/HE staff will reach out to interested individuals to request resumes.  After review, initially qualified candidates will be sent an official application so that S/HE can obtain a background check.  If we believe you are a good fit based on a review of your application and background check, a S/HE SAFE™ staff member will contact you to schedule an interview.

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