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B2B Training

Brother2Brother is the boys’ version of the P3 program. While both the P3 and B2B programs teach the same basic curriculum, the focus and messaging in B2B is geared toward the situations that pose the greatest threats to boys, particularly as they become young men, and the strategies needed to avoid and, where necessary, defuse those situations.

Like P3, the B2B curriculum is interspersed with a series of drills designed to help students protect themselves and others in the most extreme situations, such as active shooter, physical assault, and sexual assault. As with P3, we strive to talk to B2B students, not at them, with a sincere interest in their future success and well-being.

Photo: Ashley Hodge, The Gazette Virginian

“The program enhanced the bonds of brotherhood and fraternity and inspired specific actions on the part of our brothers to reduce sexual violence on their campuses.” 

-Executive Director, Acacia Fraternity 

"It was clear that the program was based on extensive research on sexual assault, what messages resonate with young men, and what pedagogical techniques can most effectively deliver that message.  This type of evidence-based approach is vastly superior to programs that largely consist of opinions, speculation, or political viewpoints.  Our fraternity has reviewed many sexual assault programs, and this program was far and away the best we have seen.  It is the most relevant to young men, the most engaging, the most thoughtful, and the most effective in providing good men with the tools they need to be better."

-Executive Director, Acacia Fraternity

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