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This also means that we have omitted detailed discussions of subjects that are presented in P3 because we spend more time on the subject during B2B due to the fact that some dangers are more prevailant among male students and other dangers are more prevalent among female students. 


The goal of the B2B program is, first and foremost, to protect male students against sexual assault, sexual harassment, and other dangers related to criminal activity. But we must also be honest in recognizing that young men perpetuate the majority of violent crime in the United States.


If you are reading this, then you have completed S/HE P3 online training for female students and are about to start S/HE B2B online training for male students.  Because the curriculum is basically the same but has a different emphasis, we will not be repeating what you have already learned.  Instead, we will focus on the points of emphasis for male students. 

However, we can never forget that the vast majority of people who sign up for the most dangerous jobs involved in protecting others are also young men, who willingly become soldiers, police officers, and firefighters so they can risk their own lives protecting people they have never met. Most young men are not criminals – they are in fact decent human beings who would act to protect others if they could do so.

Throughout history, those who voluntarily rush headlong into the horrors of war and tragedy – many making the ultimate sacrifice – have primarily been young men. The poet Wilfred Owen exemplifies their bravery and their sacrifice. Due to Owen’s beautifully composed poems about the horrors of war, people forget that he was a soldier who exhibited tremendous courage, returning to the front near the end of the war when he could have stayed in England, and orchestrating a successful attack under the most difficult conditions, for which he received the Military Cross. His citation reads:

For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty in the attack on the Fonsomme Line on October 1st/2nd, 1918. On the company commander becoming a casualty, he assumed command and showed fine leadership and resisted a heavy counter-attack. He personally manipulated a captured enemy machine gun from an isolated position and inflicted considerable losses on the enemy. Throughout he behaved most gallantly.

Just over a month after this heroic action, Owen was killed by machine gun fire while crossing the Samre-Oise Canal. One week later, as the church bells rang in celebration of the Armistice that ended the war, Owen’s mother received the telegram containing the news of her son’s death.

If you have the time and the inclination, you can learn more about Wilfred Owen and other inspiring historical figures by clicking “Continuing Education” on the Program Administration page. If you wish, you may share these short essays with your students as part of your history or other curriculum. Discussion questions follow each essay.  

To put things simplistically, there are wolves, sheep dogs, and sheep.  Sometimes the same young man can be a wolf in one situation and a sheep dog in another.  We want fewer wolves and more sheep dogs.  Thus, a secondary goal of this program is to give students the tools they need to protect others. 


Thank you again for all you do and welcome to the second part of our training program! 


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