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Module 1: The Quiz

In module 1, which introduces the program, participants are asked to vote on whether or not a profile is of a good person or a bad person. Votes can be by hand or by electronic means. S/HE prefers a program called “Mentimeter” for electronic voting, which participants access through their mobile phones. The results below were taken from a training of 11th grade girls and their mothers who were members of the Dallas, Texas chapter of the National Charity League on September 11, 2016.

Module 2: Fighting Criminals and Using Your Voice

The criminal is always solely responsible for a criminal act.  People victimized by criminals never “ask for it” or are responsible for the criminal’s behavior.  Nothing in this course should be taken as an indication that we think that victims are responsible for being attacked.  We hold the criminal solely responsible for his or her behavior, and society should as well.  This can and should be a point of emphasis for this class. Photo: Ashley Hodge, The Gazette Virginian

Module 3: Statistics Made Real

To begin this module, have just under half the class stand up.  Ask everyone to look around the room.  Then say, “if nothing changes, if we don’t pay attention in this class, the girls standing represents the percentage of this class that will be sexually assaulted during their lifetime.  43%.  That’s far too many.”  Then thank the girls standing and ask them to sit down. 

Module 4: Common Scenarios

The Internet. “After You … ” and other dangers. Kidnapping. Laws that protect you. What if someone is harassing you? Clothing choices.


We cover all these topics in this Module.

Module 5: Alcohol & Drugs

We can teach you how to defend yourself, but all the self-defense training in the world does you no good if you are passed out at a party.  We can tell you not to drink or use drugs and that it’s illegal, and you should listen to us, but someday, some of you will drink legally or illegally no matter what we say.  So we’re going to talk about alcohol.

Module 6: Domestic and Dating Violence

Abusive relationships happen to college and even high school students, both male and female. In some cases, these relationships have fatal consequences. The good news is that high school and college students are well-positioned to end these relationships before they turn violent. The key is recognizing the signs that your partner will eventually turn to violence.

Module 7: Being Pinned

If someone is on top of you, you have several strategies at your disposal.  In some cases, the person may be an intimate partner, and your strategy may vary in this instance.

Module 8: Weapons

If someone pulls a gun on you, never go with them where they want you to go, particularly if you are in a place where someone can hear or see you.  He’s not putting a gun on you to take you to a birthday party.

Defensive Techniques video

This video will serve as an introduction to and refresher for the defensive techniques you will teach the students after each module. Viewing this video is not a substitute for learning the techniques live and in person, and performing and practicing them on a regular basis. 

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