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Module 7: Being Pinned

If someone is on top of you, you have several strategies at your disposal.  In some cases, the person may be an intimate partner, and your strategy may vary in this instance. 


If your hands are not restrained, the techniques we learned standing up are useful in ending the assault.  You may also reach down to your assailants’ testicles, grasp one of them tightly, and squeeze as hard as you can.  It is useful to have the girls take their thumb in the other hand and squeeze it as hard as they can.  Then tell them that if they squeeze a man’s testicle that hard and don’t let go until he is on the ground, it will instantly end any attack. 

One woman tells her story:

If your hands are restrained, then you should kick and knee as best you can.  You can also bite.  A medical journal recently published an article titled “A New Way to Resist Rape” where the woman bit off her assailant’s tongue.   


If you aren’t sure about someone’s intentions and they are on top of you, a good strategy is to start saying “I can’t breathe” a few times.  If the person on top of you has no regard for that, then if you are truly restrained you can go limp and play possum see if the assault ends or he loosens his grip on you.  If the person on top of you is not concerned with your being able to breathe, then you are dealing with someone who is willing to end your life, and you have no choice but to fight as violently as you can, gouging eyes, smashing testicles, and doing anything else to keep yourself alive. 

An example of another woman fighting back:

It does not take much pressure to disable a man, as this video demonstrates:

Following this module, invite students to stand and practice combinations on a volleyball or Body Opponent Bag if you have one: eye gouge, followed by knee to the groin, followed by punch to the nose or palm heal strike to the nose. 


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