One in four women are sexually assaulted in college.


Secure Higher Ed (S/HE) is an organization that provides age-appropriate education to boys and girls ages 7-21 and their parents to reduce sexual assaults.  Sexual assaults on high-school and college campuses have been widely reported in the news lately.  A Syracuse University study indicated that 28% of incoming first year female students suffered an attempted or completed rape in high school.  This happens to every kind of girl - the girls with good grades and SAT scores, the girls who excel in sports, the “shy” girls, and every girl in between.  No young woman is immune to a sexual predator.  

Tal Franklin



Training for Parents


What can you as a parent do about sexual assault? A lot, it turns out. Even if your child is not close to college or high school age, you can start age-appropriate education today that will reduce his or her odds of being sexually assaulted.

Predator Prevention Program (P3)


The P3 training course features the three most important influences on a child – Parents, Peers, and Professionals – joined to help teach daughters to recognize potentially dangerous situations, avoid those situations, and escape or fight back – Punch! Punt! Prevent! – when avoidance isn’t possible. 


Brother 2 Brother (“B2B”) training is an evidence-based, interactive, and fun seminar created to help prevent dating violence, domestic abuse, sexual harassment, and sexual violence. B2B training is designed to appeal to a wide variety of young men.  


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